What the Mind Can Conceive, It Can Be Achieved

Intelligence Reports 9 October 2013 | 0 Comments

Students from the Republic Polytechnic designed a mind control device that can control household appliances. With just one wink or a wiggle of an eyebrow, an appliance can be turned on or off. Students got their inspiration when they visited the Khoo Teck Puat Hospital; they realized that there are many disabled people there who need help and assistance.

Aside from turning on and off of household appliances, the brain is amazing enough to do other stuffs. You will be surprised of other breakthroughs using the brain. Here are some examples of breakthroughs using the brain:



In the field of music, the brain can compose and play it without the tools like sheet music and musical instruments. The idea was to create music directly with our thoughts. Seems impossible? No, with the use of EEG (Electroencephalography), electric signals from the brain will be interpreted into a computer.

Phone calls

A brainwave reading headset (that is attached to the mobile phone) monitors brain activity. If the device determines the user’s brain busy, it will reroute calls but if it perceives a not so busy state, it will accept the call.


Whether it is a wheelchair or a car, the brain can make it move. This is especially helpful for disabled people. The ability to move by using the mind is now possible. For example, a wheelchair made by Japanese scientists uses EEG to catch brainwaves. The EEG will then turn the brainwaves into directional commands.


Scientists continue to develop a prosthetic limb which can form part of the natural arm; this can create a sense of touch or a lifelike feel. The limbs are connected to the neural system of the person which can perform tasks like gripping, holding, reaching, etc.

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