Items You Can Use to Keep Clothes Smelling Fresh

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Who doesn’t like a good scent in the wake of your every move? We all look forward to gaining that signature scent or just smelling clean and fresh even with a long day ahead of us. Not only does this keep a good reputation and keep the air around us pleasant to the nose, it also gives us a kick of confidence we could always in any given day.

Here are some ways to help keep you clothes smelling clean and fresh longer than your usual laundry routine can:

1. Coffee grounds
Not only do coffee grounds help keep you alert and awake in your daily cup of coffee, it also serves as an effective hack for your closet. Basically, it is an effective absorber of bad odors and gives off a distinct smell that your clothes may benefit from. To prep them, get a container and fill it with coffee grounds. Next, poke a few holes on the cover or lid. Find a corner in your closet that doesn’t get in the way of your clothes then store the container snugly. Take extra care to switch them at least once a month to maintain freshness.

2. Vodka
Hold up and spare your liver. Use some vodka for another closet hack instead. For clothing articles seldom used, they normally carry a musty scent even after hanging them in a well-ventilated place. So to remedy this, mix vodka with water using a one-to-one ratio. Fill the mixture in a spray bottle and lightly spray in areas of clothes smelling stale from prolonged hours of storage. Once done, hang your clothes in a well-ventilated area and wait for them to dry. Almost immediately that stuffy odor will be off your precious outfits.

3. Perfumed tissue paper
We are fond of spraying perfume directly on our clothes but we have to admit it could get overwhelming at times. We wouldn’t want to smell overdone, do we? So to counteract this, we’ll do a little improvisation instead. Get a small portion of tissue paper or cotton balls. Next, spray perfumer or any scent you usually wear. Wait for the tissue paper or cotton balls to dry. Finally, line them up in your closet before placing your clothes on top of them. You’ll find your clothes smelling fresh – with your scent nonetheless.

These are but few ways to keep your clothes fresh and clean for longer hours than their usual shelf life. Of course, no matter how religious we adhere to these tips, there’s no substitute to cleanliness. What better way to make clothes fresh than to actually wash them clean. So make sure to wash those threads regularly for fool proof fragrance.

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