What a Trademarking Company Can Do to Help Your Business Grow

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Trademark registration is perhaps the most important way for your business to advance, which is why it’s so important to protect your brand.

Even though Singapore is a friendly country for start-ups looking to file a trademark application, the process itself still involves a lot of paperwork and takes up a lot of time you could use to actually start up your company.

But the good news is that the right trademarking company can help you protect your assets much better and much faster, help you grow your business, and so much more.

Branding and Registration
The reason why securing copyright for company’s logo should be a top priority is because it’s essentially a company asset, and you want to make sure that you can keep this asset as your company grows and expands here in Singapore. Moreover, getting a registered mark for your business is a form of brand protection that ensures you can safely use your logo without running into any infringement risk and protects you from anyone who would try to use your intellectual property without your permission.

While the initial cost of filing a trademark can seem expensive at first (it’s comparatively cheap with a trademarking company), it’s best to think of it as an initial investment to further your brand instead. Once you create a TM for your company assets, you can use them to their fullest potential.

What Trademarking Companies Can Do For You
Trademarking companies primarily help you by reducing the time it takes for you to register trademark yourself. They process your application for you and, if needed, they can also help you create the very brand you want to use for your business.

Essentially, filing your brand with a trademarking company simplifies the whole process into the following steps:

• Identifying trademark class and assets
• Checking for potential conflicts
• Application submission
• Objections and appeals
• Successful registration

The biggest advantage that you can get by working with a trademarking company is the access to the existing database. The company will run a thorough trade mark search through the existing brand name registry for any similarities.

Once they find that there are, they notify you so that you can change it before submitting it to the IPOS. This saves you a lot of time from re-doing it after a rejection, since the general approval time often takes between six and nine months.

Objection and Appeals
Aside from the wait time, legalities are another hurdle between you and getting full protection for your assets (with two months usually allotted for any objections or claims on the application).

Keeping accurate documentation is important in this aspect of defending your trademark, but the downside to this is that takes up a lot of time and resources.

This is where the trademarking company comes in to handle this legal aspect on your behalf. Because they are well-versed in intellectual property law, they are more than capable of handling both objections and appeals for you.

With the right trademark registration company in Singapore helping you every step of the way, there’s no reason to leave your brand to chance.

What are you waiting for? Call one today!

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