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Finding a job could be tedious not just in Singapore but everywhere. Unless of course you have an outstanding resume which could make the process of finding a job very easy no matter where you are. Now, what makes Singapore different when it comes to work? Well, Singapore is a place where people take pride in their ability and are way too competitive to allow what they want to be given to someone else. Here are a few things that could help you not just to find a job but also to be accepted:

1.  Look around the city

Since Singapore is such a small city, you are bound to find something. Talking to people also help increase your chances of finding a job. Looking up the different job availabilities in Singapore isn’t that hard as most of the job offers can be found online. Hopefully you already have a target job which makes things easier since you would only have to focus on one company.

2.  Be professional

Professionalism can be very tricky in Singapore as some of the gestures we do may feel like we are extending our efforts but are actually expected of you. Don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it.

a.  Time. Punctuality is very important as Singaporeans have a very busy schedule. Even during the interview process, you are expected to keep your answers direct to the point. Although it may seem humourless, when it comes to work, everyone is serious.

b.  Conduct. Extending your courtesy is a great idea and actually gives you an upper hand as it makes yourself easier to digest but there is a fine line between being courteous and being a waste of time and it is better not to cross that line.

3.  Follow up

Another great moved which increases your chances of success is contacting the company after the interview and treat them with class by thanking them for their time and wishing for the best for you and for them. Although this does not always work, it actually sets the tone and helps make you classier than the other applicants.

These are just a few tips but hopefully they land you a job in Singapore. Although Singapore is a land of opportunity, you still have to work your way to the top. Getting a job is just the start to a whole new chapter in your life and who knows? Singapore might be the place you’ve always wanted to be.

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