How to Make the Most Out of Your Unemployed Status

Career Talk 26 November 2019 | 0 Comments

If you’re like me who has had her fair share of being in and out of the workforce, you’d know that being unemployed isn’t that bad at all – that is, if you use this time in your life wisely. The best way to do it is to think of it as your personal time, because when did you accomplish something without any deadline or where nobody is evaluating the work you’ve done? So in this time of job uncertainty, ensure that you make the most of your time out of the workforce by doing any of these things.

Figure Out What You Want

Why did you leave your job? Was your last work what you really wanted to do? Use this time in your career to answer these questions and evaluate what you really want to do – your passions, strengths and weaknesses – and use what you’ll find about in choosing your next job opportunities.

Work at Your Own Pace

This is the perfect time to slack off – no boss to please and no need to be at the office early in the morning. But surely, this isn’t what you want your life to be like in the years to come. What you should do instead is to find out wat the job market can offer. If you want, you can research about the company that you’ve always wanted to work for and send them a copy of your résumé. Who knows, you might end up getting the job position that you’ve been dreaming off.

Learn New Things

Find a hobby that you can enjoy now, or even after you get a new job. You learn to cook new dishes, attend some writing classes, or start painting. Whatever it is, learn to do something that you think will help in improving yourself.

Visit New Places

Apart from learning new things, it’d also be a good idea to explore new places outside Singapore. Visit towns or states that you’ve always been fascinated about. Doing so won’t only make you a well-travelled individual, it’ll also expose you to environments where your next job opportunity might be waiting.

Establish New Connections

Remember the weekends where you’re stuck running work-related errands? They’re gone for now, so use your free time during these days to establish connections with people you cross paths with. Whether it’s someone in the grocery aisle checking out the same product as you or a next-door neighbour who’s mowing their lawn, don’t hesitate to make a new connection. Who knows, they might be able to help you on your next career venture.

While being unemployed has its downside, it definitely has its fair share of advantages. So use this time in your life to become a better and stronger person by simply doing any of the aforementioned activities. Chances like these don’t come around often, so ensure that you use it to prepare yourself for your next job venture.

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