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One of the good things about Singapore is how they are very active in healthy living. It might be shocking but you better get used to see people jogging at two in the morning. Singaporeans make time for fitness no matter how busy they may get. There are countless parks where people are free to workout with natural workout equipment like the pull-up bar and many others.

Getting fit in Singapore is not that hard because of how fitness has slowly found its way into culture due to the mandatory scout and military training, you will find men at the age of 40 still having a well-shaped body as they continue to maintain their fitness by occasionally working out despite the busy schedule.

Here are some ways to get fit in Singapore:

1.  Take a look around the neighbourhood

There are many places in Singapore where you can workout. The parks in Singapore are very accessible and they also have a playground-like workout station. As long as you are not in a busy neighborhood, you won’t have a hard time finding the perfect spot for you to workout. Finding a gym nearby is great for those who want to fully dedicate themselves to fitness but if you haven’t got the time nor the desire for intense fitness, going for a run every once in while will still keep you fit.

2.  Make a diet and list the places where you can eat or buy food

The temptations in Singapore are very strong as there are a lot of places to just have a quick bite of something not helpful to your diet. Find places around your neighborhood where you can eat without feeling guilty. Finding a place near work helps keep you on track as you won’t settle for something against your diet.

3.  Start simple

Most people tend to over complicate things especially when they are starting. Sometimes to the point of information overload which usually kills the progress even before they start. Make a plan that is simple and possible. You do not have to start with great intensity just yet, start smart and start small. Fitness is trendy in Singapore and getting yourself into fitness isn’t that hard as the environment itself will inspire you to push your limits. Singapore is a great place to build yourself not just when it comes to work but also when it comes to fitness.  Progress doesn’t have to be intense, progress just has to be consistent.

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