Types of IT Services for Telecommunications

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Today, businesses and individual people in Singapore rely on telecommunication mediums to communicate with one another. With the help of internet, it is easier for everybody to convey messages and information. Mediums of communication through internet and messaging are the most popular IT services that cater instant communication between people in Singapore. These technologies can be used in various locations where it is difficult to provide stable communication. Some of these IT services are emailing, video chatting, instant messaging, voice mailing, and the social networking sites.


Instant Message and Email

Instant message and email is the oldest IT service for telecommunications. Emailing is the first telecommunication medium to send texts, audio clips, video clips, text files and images. On the other hand, instant messaging provides faster exchange of messages than what emails can do. Most of these services are for texts and simple graphics only. Sending full length video and audio files are not advisable for instant messaging since it takes a lot of time for a file to upload. You can send links and URLs for instant messaging instead of sending the actual video/audio file.

Video Chat

This IT service allows face to face communication through video streaming. Unlike email, video chat takes place in actual time. You get to see and talk to the person on the other line. However, this type of IT services that can be implemented by IT services by dynatech in Singapore is highly demanding since you need to secure a computer with webcam, headset with microphone, and a stable internet connection in order to use the service. And for you to have smooth video steaming, your computer must run a 1GHz processor with at least 1 GB RAM. Video chat and similar types of IT services, such as video conference, is commonly used in teleconferenced business meetings, or by families who want to stay in touch with their loved ones in faraway places.


Voice Mail

Voice Mail is a type of IT service in Singapore that allows the user to record, transfer, and store recorded messages. Before, voice mailing was only available for businesses and corporations. But today, it is one of the standard features of every mobile network. Although voice mail was basically for answering machines, IT services has upgraded its uses over time to fit the demands of the people and the world of electronics to create a more comprehensive messaging scheme.


Social Networking

Social networking is the most unique telecommunication service. It has combined features of instant messaging, emailing, video chatting, and gives access to image, video and audio clips posting. Overall, social networking is the most convenient way of communicating to your family, friends, and colleagues. It offers many ways on how to contact people and how do you want them to get in touch with you.

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