Maintenance Works From a Professional Painting Service

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Keeping up with the painting maintenance of multi-unit housing buildings can be daunting. Other than the occasional plumbing issues, seasonal preparations and maintenance of bigger fixtures like the roof and the lawn, a property owner or manager has quite so much in their plate. However, if you hire a professional painting contractor in Singapore, you can tick off one major job from your list.

Your painting services provider will take care of everything regarding the interior and exterior painting of your building, including the following:

Getting Rid of Mold
Mold thrives in warm and humid areas. For constantly moist areas of the house, like the basement and the bathroom, HDB painting service use special paints that are specifically designed to prevent formation of mold. If you start to notice a wall with mildew or mold in it, closely check the area to find out its severity.

For minor problems, clean it with water and bleach solution. If it’s a larger area, you may need the help of professional painting services to repaint the affected area.

Cleaning Stains
Once you have located the area of your property that needs to be cleaned and repainted, your painting contractor will initially wash the surface with water and damp sponge. For deeper cleaning, hire painters for home and office work because commercial services use a more potent cleaning substance before proceeding with the repainting process.

Handling Fading Paint
The best way to avoid premature fading of paint is to invest in superior quality paints. It’s not that these pricier paints won’t fade, because they do overtime. They just fade gracefully compared to cheaper types of paints.

To ensure that only quality paints are used on your condo painting, work only with a reliable painting contractor. They know which paints are worth investing on, plus the best painter can help you find great deals with their exclusive connections to painting manufacturers here in Singapore.

Pressure Washing
After so many years of not repainting, you may notice a build up of dirt and grime on some surfaces of your property. This can easily be cleaned by pressure washing. The best painter usually has this as part of their painting services. It is among the preparation procedure before your property gets repainted.

Avoiding Rot
Paint is more than just providing color to your building. If applied properly, it greatly helps in slowing down the natural rotting and weathering process of any surface. When working with an HDB painting service to paint your property, check for yourself the undersides of corner boards just to make sure. Although condo painting professionals knows this very well, it doesn’t hurt to check their works yourelf.

A quality commercial paint job will add value to your property and bring life to the exterior and interiors of the building. By understanding the job of your painting contractor and working only with the most reliable and reputable company here in Singapore, you can keep your property looking brand new for the years to come.

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