Driving Tips for Rainy Days  

Safety and Security 28 August 2015 | 0 Comments


Summer is over. The rainy season made quite an entrance lately with typhoons that shook Singapore with rains. With this, it is important that motorist consider necessary precautions to evade road-related accidents.


Safe driving should be especially exercised during wet weather. Here are some tips:

  • Slow down: The basic thing that we should do is slow down. We all want to go home when there’s rain but rushing can’t do us good.
  • Stay in the middle: If we are worried about the water getting into our cars, we have to drive in the middle lanes. We have to remember that water pools outside the lanes.
  • Maintain and observe proper following distance: We should avoid following others too closely especially trucks or busses.


  • Do not drive through moving water: If we cannot see the ground, it is not safe to drive through the water. The worst thing that can happen is we will be swept off the road.
  • Go find another route: When driving through an uncertain depth, we have to go slow but if the water is deeper and it reaches the bottom of our doors, it is time that we consider another route.
  • If it is possible, stay off the road: If we do not need to go out, it is safer if we are just inside the house. If going outside can’t be helped, we have to check first our tires and our wipers.

These should be enough. Driving is challenging when it is rainy and it is important that we take all the precautions to safeguard our passengers and the people around us.


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