10 Best Smartphones to Date

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The world has grown increasingly more dependent on smartphones. As demands for smartphones grow, manufacturers develop the phones to become more powerful every year. That’s why large phone companies release newer versions of their flagship phones every year. Usually, by this time of the year, phone companies have already released their most sought after phones. So we’ve rounded up the best smartphones of 2015 to date.

  1. Nexus 6

It’s more of a phablet than a phone due to its almost 6 inch screen size. However, the large screen is made beautiful by a QHD resolution capable of making photos and videos look crisper. Aside from all of that, Google develops it. This means that the Nexus 6 will get Android updates than all of the other Android smartphones.


  1. iPhone 6 Plus

It’s developed to be supposedly a bigger and more powerful version of the iPhone 6. However, bigger and more powerful isn’t always the best way to go especially for the iPhone as the smaller iPhone 6 has seen better sales than its phablet counterpart.


  1. Sony Xperia Z3

You line up every smartphone out there and all of them would tend to look almost the same save for the Xperia smartphones. With that, the flagship phone Z3 is not only a beautiful phone but is also longer lasting than most of its counterparts and the Bravia technology helps in creating crisp and vibrant images.


  1. Sony Xperia Z3 Compact

It’s simply a smaller 4.7-inch version of the Z3. However, it is less powerful than its big brother. Yet it retains almost all of the features especially the 20-mega pixel rear camera that would put most DSLR cameras to shame.


  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 5

The Note line is the progenitor of the phablet category. Being such, it always makes sure that it delivers better versions of itself every year. The Note 5 is even more powerful than any other phablet out there. It has an Edge counterpart. But the additional screen space seems to be more of a gimmick rather than a utility function.


  1. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

The S6 Edge is a beautiful phone. No question about that. The edge display makes it even more of a beauty. However, the innovations in the S6 are what made it a little bit of a turn-off to most Samsung followers. The S6 Edge lacks waterproofing and removable battery. And, the extra expense on the Edge version, most people think, is not worth the effort compared to the regular S6.


  1. OnePlus 2

The most surprising part of this phone is how cheap it is compared to other phones that pack the same kind of specs and power. It’s cheaper by more than half of the prices of most flagship phones today. However, it does lack some key features found in other flagship phones like quick wireless charging and NFC.

OnePlus Home Screen-970-80

  1. iPhone 6

The original smartphone line will always be on the top of every list out there. The iPhone 6 is just as beautiful as ever with just the right amount of screen size and an overall improvement in performance. However, Apple is yet to improve on the resolution department. That’s why a lot of people would still prefer Android phones.


  1. HTC One M9

The HTC One line has been the innovators in build quality. The M9 is the best phone in terms of builds quality and design. It is also a very powerful phone with a lot of key improvements from the M8. However, you get the S6 at the same price but with more power.


  1. Samsung Galaxy S6

It’s technically the same with the S6 Edge but is cheaper while lacking the dual edge screens of the more expensive counterpart. The best thing about it is the improved build quality compared to the S5. Key features from the S5 have also been improved vastly. All the improvements coupled with a competitive price make the S6 the best smartphone of 2015 as of the moment.


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