Which Hobby to Try?

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Have you always considered taking up a new hobby? Ever wanted to add a new skill to your list of existing ones? If you answered yes to both of these then perhaps this could be the year that you learned a new one. Read on for ideas of new hobbies that you might soon be picking up.

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Beading/Jewellery Making

This craft might seem challenging at first but once you’ve learned the basics, this could turn into an enjoyable hobby, especially for fashionistas since they could create their own accessories through this. Another reason beading is a good hobby to pick up is that it could be the start of your very own business. You’re not only having fun creating your own designs and harnessing your creativity but you could also earn a little extra on the side. To help you start on this new hobby, Beadspage offers workshops to anyone who’s interested. They offer classes that enable students to master the fundamental skills of beading within the shortest period of time.

Cake Baking

Perhaps this is by far the most rewarding hobby anyone could possibly have. There is so much joy in eating desserts but even more when you get to bake and decorate your own creations. If you’ve been wanting to give this hobby a try, then do yourself a favour and enroll to a baking class. Chantilly Culinary Studio offers a 4-session course on this named Cake Baking – Practice & Theory Level 1. The course starts on June 7th, 2014 and will be held at 21 Simon Road, 3rd Level. Through their classes, you will learn the techniques of baking a variety of cakes such as Victorian Sponge Cake and Nutella Marble Cake.


Flower Arranging

Even if you’re a man, you could still enjoy this hobby. Once you’ve mastered the art of flower arranging, that special woman in your life will truly appreciate it. Just think of the wonderful bouquets of flowers that you could do yourself and offer to your loved one. For a lesson on this, you could take the Beginners’ Course being offered by the Singapore Flower Club. Focus will be on classic Western style flower arrangements.

Flower Arranging Class


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