Techniques to Counter Stress

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Stress has taken over most of our lives. In fact, some even glorify stress as an indication that a person is working hard, but stress can take a toll on your health, relationships, and productivity. It is just as bad as eating poorly and not exercising.

Here are tips to effectively manage and eventually get rid of stress.

1. Identify the Stressors

If you can acknowledge and recognize all the things that stress you out, it is already a big step towards healing. It does not have to be as heavy as a death of a loved one, divorce, or a loss of a job because those are definitely sources of stress.

However, factors such as toxic co-workers, noisy neighbors, unruly children, traffic, and lack of sleep all contribute to stress. It also does not have to be an external source. Stop making excuses and look closely at all your habits and attitude that could be causing the stress, too.

2. Write a Journal to Vent Your Feelings

It is easier to let of steam if there is an outlet for it, but if talking to other people isn’t comfortable for you, you can start a journal instead. It doesn’t have to be a detailed journal; just write down your thoughts for the day and the highlights. If there is a stressful event, write down how it made you feel physically and emotionally.

3. Avoid Stressors

If you know which things can cause stress, it is easier to avoid them. In fact, most of the external sources of stress are easily avoidable. Learn to say no, cut off people who stress you out, and eliminate unnecessary and stressful activities.

4. Adapt to Things that Stress You Out

However, you can’t avoid everybody who stresses you out. Perhaps it is time to sit down and talk it out with that person so you can solve the issues. Look at the problem from a different perspective and perhaps lower your standards so that you don’t feel disappointed anymore. There will always be things that we cannot control, and if we can’t control them, we can still control how we act and think towards them.

5. Change the Situation

If something is bothering you, don’t bottle it up. Speak out and try to change the situation. If nothing happens, at least you tried. But you should also be willing to compromise if the person wants to change. If your work is stressing you out, maybe quitting isn’t the solution yet. Balance it by pursuing activities that make you happy. It’s not all about work all the time.

6. Accept Things You Can’t Control

If you are given a challenge, look at it instead as an opportunity to grow and learn and become better next time. There will always be things that are beyond your control, so if you feel like you can’t deal with it alone, talk to a trusted person about it.

7. Make Time for Yourself

By managing your time better, you will have more opportunities to do things that make you happy. Remember that you work to live, not live to work.

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