How Does Pest Control Work?

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Looking for a way to get rid of cockroaches permanently without having to use insecticides? Or is your office in Singapore in need of professional help to exterminate rodents? Pest control management can answer your needs whether you want to remove insects that are contaminating your food and destroying property.

But does pest extermination consist only of the use of professional-grade sprays and treatments, or do the experts use other means to control pest population?

Action Threshold
Before the pest exterminator can recommend any action, the building/household/office of the customer must first meet their set action threshold. This means that the population of the pest/s must be significant to justify pest removal using pest control chemicals. Why is this necessary? You do not need to terminate pest if there is only one instance of sighting, especially if the residents or owner are referring to animals that live naturally in the area such as bees, butterflies, small mammals, spiders, and others. For mild cases of pest problem, a 24 hours pest removal is necessary.

Monitoring and Identification
If the population of the pest does not create a threat to the health of the family, the pest control services team will devise other ways to move the animals. The building owner or resident will be made to understand that not all living organisms are harmful and some might be even beneficial. If the action threshold is met, however, the experts must then monitor and identify the pests.

This is a necessary step to terminate pest without using the wrong chemicals or method that might harm the humans living in the building or home and the animals in the surrounding area. Identification is key to achieve guaranteed pest control especially in the case of insects, because some chemicals work only on certain species. The use of organic pesticides for home in Singapore is rather encouraged to ensure the safety of the residents. The bed bug for example can be very difficult to remove with chemical pesticides alone, so it’s best to talk to your pest exterminator for available options.

Not all pest control management companies will use chemical treatments right away to control pests, except for most cases when there is a need to remove termites. Prevention means that the area must be freed from possible sources of food for the pests, removal of hiding places and breeding grounds, and educating the homeowner/s or building occupants about proper waste disposal, the use of chemicals such as insecticides, and eliminating possible entry points for pests. At this stage, the areas are cleaned, leaky pipes are fixed, and the holes in the walls and ceilings are sealed. The pest control worker might also recommend installation of window screens, decluttering of storage areas, and improving overall waste management. Most of the time, if the pest infestation is not significant, these preventive methods work well if the occupants keep the area clean and well-maintained. Families who are worried about the effects of chemicals might not even need chemical treatments for their home if the prevention step has addressed the problem.

Control of Pests
If preventive methods still cannot address the problem, then the pest control services in Singapore will evaluate the risks and benefits of using other measures. This is where the monitoring and identification step is very crucial because some insecticides or sprays should work only on the target pests to disrupt their mating. Mechanical methods such as trapping and baiting to kill rats are also studied carefully for quality and guaranteed pest control results.

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