7 Bad Habits That Are Aging You Faster

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Everyone tries their best to make good choices or avoid bad ones when they can, but there might just be a few habits that are actually making people age faster without them knowing or realizing it.

And when coupled with a really busy schedule, these bad habits can really take a toll on your appearance – even making you look much older than you really are.

Here are ten practices and habits you should probably cut back on:

Crash dieting

Losing a ten kilos overnight before a big celebration or a vacation might sound like a great idea, but they can have plenty of setbacks aside from making you look and feel older, like cutting down your energy levels and making you more irritable.

Staying up too late, too often

Sleeping is an essential part of life, and while it’s okay to pull the occasional all-nighter, doing it too often will not only make you feel more tired, but also make you look much older.

Bailing on the night out

You may think that bailing on a night out with friends is a good thing, but it’s not always the case – you also need some social activity to help balance out your life, especially when it’s been really busy lately and you need a break and a good laugh.

Hunching over your computer

It’s hard to avoid the fact that many of us hunch over our screens today on a daily basis for our jobs, but aside from sitting straight and observing proper posture, it’s also important to get up from your office chair and stretch once in a while.

Not making time for your hobbies

Studies have found that people engaged in hobbies, like painting, joining a book club, or anything that lets you be creative, tend to need less medication and have a more positive outlook.

The more you load your schedule with work and all kinds of appointments, the less time you have for yourself, and the more your stress builds.

Holding in stress

While it’s normal to be stressed after a long, hard day at work, it’s not normal to not have a healthy outlet for that said stress. When you keep it to yourself without a way to manage it properly, it builds up and starts to show on your physical appearance.

Wearing the wrong thing

Wearing the wrong clothes can highlight certain physical features that make you look older than you really are. Even if you like that shirt, some colors just won’t work and will drain your appearance.

When it comes to building your wardrobe, it’s not really about getting rid of specific colors or styles – it’s all about finding the right ones that bring out a more positive visual effect.

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