The Foolproof Way to Ask for a Raise

Career Talk 9 May 2015 | 0 Comments

Asking for a raise is the part of our career that most of us feel the most terrified of. We think we’ll come as improper and we feel a sense of guilt. However, if you want to get paid what you’re worth, you should learn how to do it right. These tips can help you ask for a raise without being perceived as desperate and unpleasant by your boss.


1. Don’t be Apologetic: When negotiating for a better salary, be warned that devaluing yourself won’t do any good. Don’t say you are sorry or that you know that this isn’t the best time to ask for a raise. Likewise, you don’t have to divulge your personal reasons why you need a raise. Remember that nobody cares about your issues. You are there to talk about your value and why you think you deserve more.

2.Prepare a Figure: Do lots of research. Find out how much a person with your experience and expertise is getting, so you know how much you’re asking for. You need to come with information supporting your request and the value you’re asking from your company.

3. Use Key Phrases: Be factual with everything you say and keep these key phrases in mind when stating them: “Here’s what I do for the company. Here’s the value I bring in every month. In six months this is the amount I could bring in for you, but I will need to get paid according to my worth and this is the amount…”


4. Give Silence a Chance: Once you have made your point, be quiet and let your boss rethink of the points you just stated. That awkward silence is actually a good thing. Yes, it’s uncomfortable and you might feel the need to fill the dead air by babbling a lesser number or a self-depreciating remark; but career experts said that all you need to do is to look the person you’re negotiating your salary to in the eye and wait for his response.

5. Practice Your Speech: Before heading out and bringing this topic to your boss, make sure you’ll look confident and assertive in front them by practicing your speech with your friends. It would help a lot to hear your words out in front of a small crowd—just in case you’ll be meeting a panel.

Every company, boss, and employee is different. However, when it comes to asking for a raise, there are universal ways to make sure you won’t appear arrogant or on the contrary feel apprehensive with your request.


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