The Development of Online Media in Singapore

Intelligence Reports 7 May 2012 | 0 Comments

The media in Singapore has realized, reluctantly albeit, that tech savvy youth and the next gen of internet users are outnumbering the users of traditional media. It would be correct to say that they have become disillusioned with the traditional media finding it slow and unfit with their fast moving lifestyles. These are the people who find that online media is ideally suited to their lifestyles as they can not only get access to online media when they need it and have the time, they also find that this form of media is much more interactive and allows them to be a part of the media.

The facts are there for everyone to see. The increasing surfing time and decreasing time reading newspapers and watching TV has signaled the decline of traditional media and the upsurge of online media. A comparison of ad revenues generated by traditional media and online media tells the real story. However, Singapore was caught yawning as far as content on online media is concerned as compared t the neighbor Malaysia, the online dailies in Singapore do not hire full time professionals even.

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