Reason Why Being Single is Fun

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There are people who enjoy the pleasure and joy of having a romantic partner, while there are others who enjoy the independence of being single. Some people find being single a very devastating situation wherein you have no one to hang-out and be with every time. But for some, being single is all fun and adventure.


A study in 2014 showed that 84.4 percent of Singaporean men ages 25–29 stayed single, while the number was 71.6 percent for Singaporean women in the same age bracket. It can be concluded that most of young Singaporeans are single and they’re only growing in number as time goes by. There are certainly some perks in being a single, and here are five reasons why being single is fun when you’re young.

  1. You have the money and you got to spend them all by yourself. Booyah! If you are single, you have a work and you have quite the life – then you are living the life. When you are single, you can spend your money all by yourself without thinking of buying anything for your bae. You can have your needs and have your wants all at the same time.


  1. You have a lot more control of your time. You have a lot more time for yourself. Time is certainly in your hands because you have no one who needs you to wake up early or the like. You can sleep and wake up anytime you like – you’re free and you can definitely do that.


  1. You can go wherever you want and do whatever you want to do. When you’re single, you’re as free as a bird. You can go places that you like because you don’t have to consider your partner’s option. If you are single, you can go to places you want to visit, and you have the freedom to do things exactly you want them to be. You can explore places, hike mountains, surf seas, engage in any activity that you or, if you prefer, just stay at home and enjoy a warm cup of tea and a good movie.

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  1. You are free to meet and mingle with new people. Meeting and mingling with anyone is your pleasure because you need not hold back for someone in your life. You can go have fun, talk with strangers, meet new interesting people every day because that is one of the things that singles can enjoy. Without anyone stopping you and telling you not to meet this and that because you already have someone in your life.


  1. You have no one to be stressed about. The greatest pleasure a single person can enjoy is being free from all the stresses and drama that being in a relationship brings. Stressing out over the feelings of your partner, whether they’re happy, sad, resentful, excited, down, frustrated or any other mix of emotion is never a problem. You don’t have to feel guilty and sorry for your partner and feel the need to pamper them all the time. Well, all you have to think of is you and your life greatest events.

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