How to Protect Your Phone from Hackers

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Your phone is your virtual vault. It holds everything from your social security number to your bank account numbers and eventually your passwords or PINs. It is important that you tread with caution whenever you log something through your phone because it can be subject to hacking.

You have heard about hacking but most cases involve celebrities and politicians but it does not mean you are safe from it. Anyone can become a victim. As long as the hacker thinks that you have something more valuable there, they will not stop until they get information and invade your privacy in the long run. It is time that you think about protecting yourself from being the next victim of scandals. Here are some tips on protecting your phone from hackers:

  • Use passwords: You might feel confident that no one will dare to hack your smartphone because after all you are not famous but you have to be sure. Do not just assume that no one is interested in you. You have to use strong passwords. More importantly, do not share your passwords or PINs to anyone unless you trust the person deeply.


  • Back up: For your email accounts, make sure that important emails or other private data are safely kept from hackers. They will compromise your email account and worse, you won’t be able to log in again. The best way is to consider backing it up. When you back it up, do not just let the data stay long inside the phone. You have to transfer it somewhere else say your laptop or PC.

  • Other security: One way a hacker can compromise your system is through Bluetooth. As much as possible, do not use Bluetooth. If it cannot be helped, you have to at least disable the ‘Discoverable’ mode. If you want additional security more than what your phone offers, you can easily install security software. You have to pay but that is good enough way to protect yourself from hacking.

Hacking also happens here in Singapore. It is crucial that you execute the things mentioned above if you are really serious about fighting hackers. Do not give them the opportunity to sneak inside your life through your smart phones.

They say the easiest way to tackle hackers is to abandon smartphones but who can? The benefits of smartphone far outweigh its risks so with that, you just need to fortify its security – that is the least that you can do to keep yourself safe from hackers and their evil intentions.

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