How to Deal with Choking

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Some people find choking funny but this is a serious matter. Choking can cut the brain’s supply of oxygen which can lead to asphyxia and eventually death. Choking is the body’s reaction from obstruction of the throat or windpipe. Sometimes, choking happens and failure to perform first aid immediately can cause death. With this, it is important that you are familiar with first aid. Learning first aid is not a wasted skill so listen carefully and remember it.


If you see a friend, family member or other people clutching his/her hands to his/her throat, it means that he/she is suffering from choking. You can deal with choking by:

Calling local emergency helpline

Before getting your hands to the choking person, you have to call help first. After placing the call, you can perform thrusts or clearing of airways depending on the person.

Abdominal thrusts on someone

To perform this, you need to stand at the back of the person and then wrap your arms around his/her waist. Place one of your fist above the person’s navel and reach it with the other hand pressing it to the abdomen then lift that person. You should perform at least five thrusts.


Abdominal thrusts on yourself

If no one is around and you cannot call help, you should know what to do. You have to place one of your fist above your navel and reach it with the other hand bending on a solid surface then thrust in and up.

Clearing a pregnant woman’s airway

Clearing a pregnant woman’s airway is not that different from the abdominal thrusts mentioned above. You only need to place your hands at the bottom of the breastbone not the navel. After that, you can carry on with the abdominal thrusts.

Clearing an unconscious person’s airway

If the person is unconscious, you need to clear his/her airway. If the obstruction is at the back of the throat, you can reach it with your fingers and remove it. After clearing the airway, you can perform the CPR immediately.


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