Easy Ways to Manage Your Acne Emergency

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Having a pimple appear on your face can be a major downer, especially if it appears right before an important event like a special date, your prom and even your graduation. Since we know how much it sucks to experience a zit surprise, we’ve listed down some of the quick and easy fixes for your acne emergency.


  1. Exfoliate the Zit. Got the unwelcome visitor at night? Then don’t dry it out using your salicylic acid spot treatment. Instead, exfoliate it with an exfoliating mask or gel. If you’re using a mask, leave it on overnight and watch how that zit subsides by morning.
  1. Avoid Picking It. As tempting as it seems, it would be best to just leave your pimple alone. Don’t ever use your dirty fingers to prod or pop the pimple, as it will only make you more susceptible to scarring, bacteria, or worse, infections.
  1. Apply an Anti-Blemish or Acne Solution Gel. No time to do an overnight treatment? Then simply use acne solution gels that contain salicylic acid and tea tree oil extracts in the problem area to dry out your acne and control oil. If you want, you can also reapply the product to ensure that the zit will be gone on that same day.medium
  1. Use Ice Cubes. One of the known and effective quick fixes to get rid of acne is dabbing ice cubes in the zit area. This trick will lessen the pimple’s redness and inflammation, making it less obvious. It might not completely go away, but it’ll be much easier to conceal.
  1. Reach for Your Concealer. If there’s one good way to cover-up your acne without making it worse, then that would be by using a two-in-one concealer that contains salicylic acid. Applying this kind of concealer won’t just make your zit look invisible, it’ll also treat it at the same time. Just gently apply your concealer in the problem area, then blend in your favourite BB cream to even out your entire face.

Dealing with an acne emergency doesn’t need to be stressful. All you’ve got to do is have a go-to pimple quick fix that can work wonders on managing all your pimple problems, most especially on the times that you need it the most.


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