4 Ways to Gently and Effectively Exfoliate Sensitive Skin

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Exfoliation is an important step in almost every girl’s weekly skin care routine, as it aids in getting softer, smoother and healthy-looking skin. However, exfoliation requires some considerations depending on the person’s skin type. If you’re someone blessed with a rather sensitive skin, then here are four ways on how you can effectively exfoliate your skin and get that baby-smooth complexion.


  1. Work With Acids. Although it may sound scary, it actually isn’t. Understand that glycolic acid and other acids are chemical exfoliators that will help in removing the dead skin cells off your skin. That said, we suggest that you start it slow at first and see the results that it may give you because you surely wouldn’t want to have a red face due to overusing some chemical peels.
  1. Rub Instead of Scrub. Ever thought as to how a soft thing as a dampened konjac sponge can properly exfoliate your skin? Well, guess what? The sponge actually works like your classic exfoliating washcloth. Just perform a gentle scrub on a regular basis, and you’ll be surprised as to how flake-free your skin has become.
  1. Try Peel-Off Masks. Using peel-off masks can be very satisfying, especially if you get to peel the whole thing off in one piece. Not only are they great for sucking all the dirt and product debris on your skin, they’re also excellent for peeling off your loose dead skin cells. Now, that’s dry skin and blemishes in one go.

Beautiful woman with purifying facial mask keeping her palms by her face

  1. Add Some Fruit in Your Routine. It may sound messy, but fruits actually contain lots of natural acids that are great for doing a gentle exfoliations. Use fruits such as papaya and strawberry in exfoliating your skin, but be careful about using these fruits straight-up as their undiluted acids might be too strong for your sensitive skin. If you decide to use fruits, always mix them with water or yogurt to dilute their strong acids.

Exfoliation is an important process to get smoother and fairer skin. So use any of the abovementioned ways on how you can gently, but effectively exfoliate your sensitive skin and get a fairer complexion just like that of a baby’s.


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