4 Relatable Scenarios in Meghan Trainor Songs

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Sometimes in our life, we find a song that perfectly describes exactly what we’re going through. Many of these times, we find songs seem tells our own love stories, whether it’s a good one or one that breaks the heart. But since the music of today’s generation are a bit different unlike the old times still there are songs that accurately describes our own stories added with great tune and perfect lyrics.


One of the most popular singer-songwriters of today’s generation is Meghan Trainor, an American artist who writes good relatable songs that many young people adore. Raised in Massachusetts, Trainor strived for success for a long time before finally signing a record deal with Epic Records with her album Title. Since then, Trainor has been making a lot of new in the music industry with her wonderful songs and cool lyrics.

Here are 5 songs written by Meghan Trainor which perfectly describes and tells the story of different love scenarios where everyone can relate to:

  1. Sometimes it is best to let go of someone for their good (My Selfish Heart). The song entitled My Selfish Heart perfectly re-tells a story of someone letting go of a special person simply because he or she knows that they deserve someone better than each other. In real life, there will always be a point in our life where we just have to let go of someone because we know that we are not the perfect one for who deserves them. True right?


  1. Moving on is really hard to do (3 AM). In the song 3AM, the singer tells a story of how she wakes up 3 in the morning and still thinking whether her former lover texted him and she ends up thinking about him all day, showing how hard it is to move on. In life, moving on is one of the hardest things to do especially when you love someone so much that no matter how much hate you’ve got for them, still love conquers you.


  1. When you love someone, you’ve got to love them that much (Like I’m Gonna Lose You). This song is one of the most successful songs of Meghan Trainor simply because it tells of a love so deep, so pure and so true that kind of love where you treasure and cherish each other till infinity and forever. In reality, we always have that someone we will love our whole life, the kind of love where we will love them that big as if we’re going to lose them.


  1. We always have that someone that got away (Mr. Almost). Almost is a song that tells a story of someone who almost fell in love with another person, though they never really did end up with each other but they felt the spark and the kind of excitement and rush you feel when you are in love. But when things aren’t really meant to happen, it will never ever happen. Sometimes in our life we all have that someone that got away – the one who took a piece of us but never really stayed. That someone who almost made us whole but is never really meant to stay there forever.


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