Tricks to Improving the Quality of Your Selfies

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Singaporeans often take selfies and somehow it made expressing oneself easier. If you are particularly learning about selfie as of this time, there are plenty of hacks that you can get from experts and selfie addicts. When you hear selfie, it does not only refer to a picture of your face. A selfie can refer to taking a photo of any part of the body.


Whether it is the arm, legs, face or the butt, it doesn’t matter because they are still called selfies. There are people who are innately good with posing and selfies in general but if you are not blessed with acumen, hope is still not lost because you can always learn tricks on improving the quality of your selfies. Here are the tricks to improving the quality of your selfies.

  • Angles: Believe it or not, angles can make a great difference at the end of the day. The first thing that you have to learn is to pose with your right angle and with little patience, you can perfect it in no time. Remember that there is always one side that is more attractive than the other side. You may call this your “best side”. Experimentation is needed – tilt head from left to right for example.


  • Adjust: Adjust in this context refers to the position of your body when you take a selfie. You have to remember to adjust the placement of your shoulders.


  • Lights: If you want a beautiful result, you have to ensure that proper lighting is in place. Before actually taking selfie, canvass the place first and note what places are good to take. Experts say that the best time of day to take pictures is an hour after sunrise and one hour before sunset.


  • Accessorize: People doesn’t need to look at your face every day. Somehow you have to be creative and do away with the usual face selfie pictures. You can just accessorize for better pictures like hat, sunglasses or even weird.


  • Express: The point of selfie is to express oneself. Regardless of what your mood is, you have smile, frown or pout. Who cares? It is your life after all.


  • Full body shots: Selfie addicts can also do full body shots. If you happen to pass by a life-size mirror, you should maximize it. Trick here is to angle the body either right or left – whichever is more flattering.


  • Extend: Another useful tip for selfie addicts is to extend the neck forward. This will try to eliminate double chins plus it can stress your jaw line. This looks and sounds funny but it can improve selfie quality.


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