The Importance of Online News Media in Singapore

Intelligence Reports 25 May 2012 | 0 Comments

There was a time when everyone predicted the demise of traditional newspapers and magazines with the rate at which newspapers and magazines appeared on the internet. Though nothing of this sort happened and newspapers are getting published offline at reduced or stagnant readership, digital media has grown at a very fast pace in Singapore.  Out of 100 internet users, 49 log on to news based websites that local carrying local news stories.

Another amazing statistic reveals that nearly 50% of the youth have access to laptops and internet carrying these gadgets to colleges. The rate of increase in digital media in Singapore is proportional to increase in ad revenues of these newspapers. Companies have realized that they have a chance to sell more to teenagers and youth if they placed their ads in online newspapers. This increased ad revenue has had a cascading effect as number of newspapers and other magazines on the internet has increased in the same proportion.

Increase in ad revenue has greatly helped the cause of digital media. People in Singapore have become used to looking up on the internet for most of the news stories taking place in the country. In fact, teenagers and young adults trust websites carrying news more than traditional offline media. This has excited more entrepreneurs as many more websites are in the pipeline and will soon see the light of the day.

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