How to Lessen Severity of Motion Sickness  

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Motion sickness is common here in Singapore especially for young kids ages two to twelve years old, pregnant women and people with migraines. Motion sickness is also called sea sickness. It is a condition wherein the inner ear is disturbed because of repeated movement from a car, boat or an airplane. Actually, anyone can develop motion sickness but the severity varies.


Dealing with motion sickness is an unpleasant feeling especially with the symptoms but we should not shun travelling especially if it is part of our job. We will know if we are suffering from motion sickness if we feel one or more of the following symptoms: nausea, dizziness and vomiting. Truth is, it is impossible to avert cases of motion sickness. The least that we can do is to lessen the severity of our motion sickness.

Here are some tips to lessen the severity of our motion sickness:

  • Rest well before setting: Before that big trip, it is crucial that we rest well as lack of sleep and exhaustion can make us vulnerable to motion sickness.
  • Bring antiemetic drugs: The good news is that there are many medications that we can consider to ease our symptoms like nausea. We can for instance take antiemetic drugs like antihistamines to offset the chemicals released by the brain when suffering motion sickness. The important thing here is we consult first our doctor and determine which medications are best and safe for us to take.


  • Get fresh air: When riding a car or a boat, it helps to open the window or go to the balcony and feel the air blowing. Looking toward the horizon will help too! If we are in an airplane, the least that we can do is look toward the horizon.
  • Eat some: It is not recommended to eat so much when travelling especially if we have cases of motion sickness. It is also not recommended to travel with empty stomach. The best thing is to eat bland and light foods like crackers, pretzels and bread. If we have ginger ale or peppermint, we can bring it alone as they can calm the stomach.
  • Avoid the stimuli: We should know the things that trigger our nausea. Nausea is the trademark of motion sickness and it helps if we know what triggers it. For example, eating spicy, acidic and greasy foods prior to boarding can cause nausea. We also need to avoid being with people who are vomiting.

Once our feet are steady on the ground, things will get better. We only need to endure it.


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