Haze Affects Tourism

Intelligence Reports 19 July 2013 | 0 Comments

Haze takes place when smoke, dust and other particles mount up in dry air. Haze messes up visibility and can cause respiratory conditions. There are many action plans and agreements signed by many countries pertaining to haze and smog but unfortunately they still continue to persist. Singapore is facing a serious threat now due to the haze resulting from a forest fire. Because of it, daily activities and other operations are compromised. This is clearly bad news for a country full of busy people.


The National Environment Agency (NEA) has released PSI index and health advisories to help the public. Other sectors of the government, meanwhile, have prepared against dengue, improved its public cleaning and waste collections programs, and took other safety measures.

The haze has also affected the country tourism. Notably, DUCKtours and the Singapore Flyer’s operations have been suspended until conditions improve. Other attractions experienced a slight decrease in visitor numbers. Touring companies need to alter the itineraries of incoming groups because of this phenomenon. Small time vendors are also affected because they get fewer customers and the haze damage their products.

Business operators of the Singapore Flyer said that there has been a significant decrease in their customers. Singapore River Cruise said the same thing. They closed an hour earlier after the PSI (of 321) was released. There have also been reports saying Resorts World’s Adventure Cove Waterpark received few visitors. The same thing happened to Wildlife Reserves.

As for the travel agencies, many have altered their itinerary (with the consent of the customers). More time for indoor activities is listed. So far, there are no cancellations but if the situation worsens, bookings, cancellations and enquiries will drop. People are very positive and hopeful about the haze condition. The condition will improve soon.

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