Grand Parenting Tips

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Getting old is part of life. When we get old, we do our best to spend our remaining time with our loved ones. Being a grandparent will bring a lot of fond memories no matter how weak and painful we may feel. We need to build a harmonious relationship with our children and their kids as long as there’s breath in our body. We just want for our family to remember us even if we are gone.

Leaving in this world is somehow easy if we know that we are loved and remembered.


Do things together

To do things together, we should make sure that we are in good shape. Let’s exercise and eat right so we can follow our grandkid’s lead. It doesn’t mean we have to do a lot of physical activities but a mere book reading, colouring, cooking and playing can make a big difference. Doing things together will strengthen the bond and love between grandkids and grandparents.

Our grandchildren will surely enjoy the company.

Go outside together

Sometimes our grandkids want us to discover what they want and like. They will invite us to their birthday party or see their soccer game. It is important for our grandkids to share their interests. If we feel good, we can spare time attending to such activities. Our grandkids will surely appreciate the time and the effort.

If we are up to walking, we can invite our grandkids for a walk in the park, museums and beaches. We can also invite them to accompany us shop.

Share your stories

Kids are attracted to stories and storytelling in general. We can share our stories when we were young and we can show them our interests. We can show pictures and tell something about their mom or dad. They will surely listen.

Always tell your children and their kids that you love them

This will not take most of our time. We don’t know when we will depart so it is best that every time we see our children and their kids we tell them how much they mean to us and how much happiness they brought. 

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