Getting Bored? Here’s How You Can Stay Focused

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It’s so easy to set goals but working towards it is a different story. Every day we wake up to a new opportunity to reach closer to our dreams but only those who are really working hard can achieve them. Often times, the little things in life get in the way and it’s just so easy to lose focus. We just suddenly wake up to the reality that we have failed to do what we needed to do today, yesterday, and for most of the time. This lowers our self esteem and shapes an unhealthy belief that we can’t reach our goals.


Here are some helpful tips for Singaporeans who find themselves in a similar boat:

Create a compelling why

Successful people can attest to the amount of hard work needed just to achieve a goal. The bigger the goal, the harder work is expected from you as well. So when the going gets tough, it’s important to have a really strong compelling purpose behind the reason for your hard work. You need to be reminded every once in a while why you’re doing what you’re doing. This will be your only shield against boredom.

Recognize potential distractions

Recognizing potential distractions can be very helpful on paving your way to success. Most of the times, we tend to fall on the path of procrastination thinking that putting off what we do for an hour, a day, or a week will not do us any harm. It’s good to know what our weaknesses are in advance so we can recognize when we’re facing temptations and when strong determination is highly called for.

Create a vision board

A lot of motivation speakers advise people on creating a vision board. This is because having a clear mental picture helps us be more inspired to moving towards our target. It also helps us feel the excitement of actually achieving our goals. Motivational books say that having a clear image and having that emotion of winning are helpful in moving the Universe to move according to what we want.


Write down your goals

Writing down our goals is a physical and mental process and one of the first steps towards achieving our goals. We need to be definite on what our goals are and we need to let our subconscious well aware about it. Knowing our goals will let us know how far we are on track and what we need to do to achieve success.

Celebrate small successes

It’s more rewarding to create bigger goals but the hard work it entails means a lot of people fall on the wayside. To avoid this, we need to celebrate small successes so we get more inspired and fuel our determination.


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