Fighting Breast Cancer

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Do you know Foyce Le Xuan? She is an actress who is facing difficult times. She was diagnosed with breast cancer. The diagnosis was not new to her because her father suffered the same thing. She went on a surgery on November to take away the lumps in the right portion of her breast. Thanks to her father, she is hopeful that the fight with cancer can be won.

If you are suffering from the same, apart from getting support from the people around you, you need to get through numerous treatments to survive. The doctor will lay down treatment alternatives for you. You may be overwhelmed because there are many alternatives for you but the best thing is to seek second opinion so you will understand better the treatments that you need to undergo and the chances of survival. If you are facing breast cancer surgery, you should know the following treatments:

against breast cancer

1. Lumpectomy

If you have small tumours, lumpectomy is recommended. In this process, the surgeon will effectively remove the tumor and a small part of the surrounding tissue. Your breast will be spared.

2. Sentinel Node Biopsy

If your doctor wants to determine if the cancer has spread through your lymph nodes, they will advise removing of the lymph nodes.

3. Mastectomy

If the doctor found out that cancer has spread through your breast, it is advisable to conduct mastectomy which removes all of your breast tissue to prevent further scattering.

4. Removal of Both Breasts

There are some women who want to be safe and secure so they agree to remove both their breasts. If you are into this, you should first discuss it with your doctors.

With such alternatives, you should be hopeful that you can survive breast cancer. When you are undergoing such treatment, it is important that you take everything on a positive note because it can make a difference at the end of the day.

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