Epi-LASIK: Pain Management After Surgery

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Oftentimes, pain after a LASIK surgery is the primary concern of patients. If the procedure performed is a traditional PRK, it always comes with postoperative discomfort, with itching being very prevalent.


Luckily, in Singapore, many surgeons have now adopted Epi-LASIK as their top laser refractive surgery. There are even some Singapore surgeons who no longer perform LASEK or LASIK because of the combined benefits from all traditional procedures that Epi-LASIK offers. According to experts, the most impressive part of this new technology by lasik singapore is not in the outcome or the recovery time, though the eye surgery method offers impressive effect on both points. The greatest benefit that every Singapore Epi-LASIK patient may experience is better pain management during postoperative period.

The typical pain level associated with the newest eye surgery procedure is about 50% to 75% lower than the pain level associated with traditional PRK. After PRK eye surgery, most Singapore patients rate the pain level with a score of 9 on a 10-point pain level scale.


Frequently Reported Pains

The most reported problem after a conventional LASEK or PRK eye surgery procedure is the unbearable itching of the eyes, followed by discomfort or pain. The presence of itchiness usually indicates pain to arise. Even with the latest laser refractive method, itching followed by discomfort may last for 24 to 36 hours. Other painful symptoms, such as foreign body sensation, photophobia, and stinging, associated with traditional methods are less likely to happen with Epi-LASIK.

Post-operative pain does happen to any patient. It’s not associated with the gender, race, age, or other demographics. The pain experienced after an Epi-LASIK surgery is chiefly because of the epithelial flap – how it is created and replaced after doing the eye surgery. If the flap is created gently and pain is barely felt during the surgery, the post-operative symptoms will be greatly minimized.


Reducing Pain

If itching happens after a laser refractive surgery, there are two ways to help reduce discomfort. First, is to apply corticosteroid eye drops after surgery. Many Singapore LASIK surgeons believe that corticosteroids are effective eye pain relievers compared with NSAIDs. Eye drops should be applied four times a day, starting immediately after surgery. Another way to apply corticosteroid is to soak the special contact lens that serve as eye bandage to the steroid solution before placing it on the epithelial surface. The soaking technique allows the efficacy of cortical steroid to begin immediately.


The second pain management technique is to use artificial tears. The cool feeling that the artificial tears provide has the ability to reduce itchiness of the eyes. Choose a mild artificial tear solution that is appropriate to be applied every now and then to relieve itching. Together with the artificial tears, one can also take prescribed pills to help control pain and itchiness at the same time.  For the kind of pill to take, ask your Singapore Epi-LASIK surgeon. This dual treatment method targets the pain and itching from the trigeminal nerve.

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