Driving Safely: The Don’ts of Driving

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Perhaps you heard about the car crash last March which sadly took the lives of three people. The findings showed that the driver had alcohol (above legal limit) on his system. As an addition to the findings, the car travelled between 100kmh to 120kmh which is beyond the speed limit. The crash was so devastating that the three (in the car) were believed to have been instantly killed.


Crashing or road accidents in general can be prevented. This is a very serious thing so you should note the following tips to avoid car crash or road accidents:

  • Do not drink. Alcohol tends to cloud your judgment. If you want to make it home safe and sound, you should not drink at all. If it can’t be helped, at least make sure that you are far from being drunk. Even if you’re just tipsy, take a cab instead or ask a friend to drive you in your car.
  • Do not text. Your eyes should always be on the road. If the text is important, pull over so you can reply or call. You can use a headset so your hands can concentrate on the steering.
  • Do not drive when sleepy. As mentioned earlier, your eyes should always be on the road. Do not take your eyes off of it. If you cannot help but close your eyes, pull over and then nap for a few minutes before proceeding. Do not push your eyes if it needs rest.
  • Do not forget about your breaks and signal lights. Whenever you go out, regardless of the proximity of the place to your house, you should always check your breaks and signal lights. This can be the difference between life and death. If you notice anything wrong, should bring your car to mechanics and let fix it before you drive.
  • Do not ignore traffic lights. Do not try to beat the red light because it will only harm you. Even if you are late for your meeting or a dinner appointment, you should be patient when it comes to traffic lights. Do not rush things because it will only cause you harm.

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