Combatting Cyber Bullying  

The Internet 10 April 2015 | 0 Comments

Good news for people who suffered cyber bullying – Facebook and Singapore’s Media Literacy Council launched a site to fight cyber bullying. The site is called the Bullying Prevention Centre. The site offers information, guidance and recommendation for those who are bullied. It doesn’t end there because the site also offers information, guidance and recommendation for those who are accused of bullying.


If we navigate through the site, we will see specific actions against bullying. There are links included in the site that will lead us to the reporting tools of Facebook. After reporting an act of bullying, Facebook will then report to the Bullying Prevention Centre. This move will ensure that the conversation and the content in Facebook are relevant for Singaporeans.

Bullying Prevention Centre provided guidelines for people who are being bullied. Here are some of their guidelines that can help us handle the situation:


  • Report the content: When someone is bullying you on Facebook, the first thing that you should know is report the content so Facebook can send a report or notification to the Bullying Prevention Centre.
  • Get help: If we cannot handle the situation alone, it is time that we consider the help from someone we trust. They will support us and help us deal with the situation.
  • Talk to the person: Finally, our last resort is to talk to the person who is bullying us. Sometimes, people do not realize how much it hurts. It is important that we let them realize that so they can stop what they are doing.

This is good news for people who are enduring cyber bullying. We should remember that it is never okay to bully or harass someone.


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