Best Carbs that Promote Weight Loss

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Considering that you’re one smart, well-read woman, you most likely know at this point that carbs aren’t completely evil. The only problem is, with so many different carbs it’s hard to know which ones are the best to eat if you’re trying to slim down. To help you deal with this problem, we’ve rounded up four of the top carbs that you can eat even when you’re looking into losing some weight.


  1. Sweet Potatoes. These carbs are known to have tons of water and fibre, which means they’ll be able to fill you up without filling you out. What’s more is these guys taste so creamy and delicious, they’ll be able to satisfy your cravings of anything gooey and cheesy. Just don’t go loading them up with fatty toppings like bacon and butter, or you’ll end up negating their slimming power.


  1. Brown Rice or Quinoa. Just like sweet potatoes, whole grains are also loaded with fill-you-up fibre and water. Cooking them al dente will also aid in maintaining your blood sugar levels, thereby keeping you from reaching for a high-sugar snack afterwards.


  1. Roasted Chickpeas. Want some satisfying crunch? Then grab a tasty bowl of roasted chickpeas. Since they’re loaded with protein and fibre, this snack will surely keep you from overeating and help you in maintaining your weight. Just roast a handful of soaked chickpeas for 40 minutes, then add three tablespoons of oil and your favourite spice for one appetizing, crunchy snack.


  1. Watermelon.  It is a carb, yes, but watermelon also contains 92 percent of water, so it’s basically every snackers’ BFF. With its high water content, you can simply munch it all to your heart’s content without taking in any extra calories.


  1. Low-Fat Greek Yogurt. While it contains simple carbs, this creamy snack can actually help you in shedding off those unwanted pounds. Some studies showed that consuming a probiotic yogurt can reduce your body fat percentage and your body mass index (BMI). In fact, a low-fat Greek yogurt is loaded with powerful combinations of satiating fat, natural sugar and protein that will prevent your blood sugar levels from dropping, thus keeping your sugar cravings at bay.

Now that you know some of the healthy carbs that can aid you in your weight loss plan, shedding off those extra pounds will now become a lot easier – and you even get to satisfy your cravings even when losing weight.


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