ACM to Open Doors for 24 Hours  

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Singapore is making another first in history. The Asian Civilizations Museum (ACM) will embark on an unchartered territory but it doesn’t mean that it will not be the best. The doors of the museum will be open for 24 hours. This is to draw more attention and patronization amongst Singaporeans.


What about spending a night at the ACM? You might think of the movie ‘Night at the Museum’ but unfortunately, as much as we want for the things to come to life and get the real story from them, it is just the director’s figment of imagination.

What will really happen at ACM is more of learning the fun way. The museum will open its doors for 24 hours in celebration of their new galleries. The party will start from 7pm on Saturday and will end 7pm the next day. The admission is free and since you are encouraged to spend the whole night there, you are allowed to bring the family and your nightwear – after all it is a pyjama party. Here are the scheduled highlights of the event:

  • Party: It was mentioned earlier that there will be a pyjama party. It would not be a party without performances. There will be performances from Singapore Chinese Girl’s School as well as Nanyang Polytechnic. This will be from 7pm till midnight. DJ TINC will also be present while we join the tour to Asian beats which will happen from 12.01 am till 7am.


  • Exercise and Picnic: The new day waits. You will have an exercise – tai chi in this case and after that, breakfast at the lawn. This will be from 7am till 10am.


  • Tours: If you want to examine the museum thoroughly the next day, you can spend your Sunday afternoon with curators to tell you more about the galleries.


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