4 Ways You Might Be Sabotaging Your Relationship

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We’ve all experience this – you’re in a relationship that accurately depicts the romance novels of Nicholas Sparks, then things suddenly turn sour and you just find yourself there, going through a breakup again. Maybe you weren’t just a great match, or worse, you might be the one sabotaging your happy relationship. If the latter seems like the real reason behind your breakup, then maybe it’s time to step up your game and discover the ways on how you might be sabotaging your chance at a lasting love.


  1. You don’t trust him enough when he’s around other girls. Unless he’s given you enough reason to not trust him when he’s around other females, you need to stay calm girl. Jealousy is one of those unattractive and petty emotion that will only make you look insecure. The reason behind your trust issues could be because you were badly hurt in your past relationship. You’ve been cheated on so you assumed that it might happen again, but that might eventually cost you your new relationship now. So instead of living in the past, learn to move forward and give your relationship a chance. Remember, not every guy is like your ex.
  1. You’re not giving him his own space and time. When a woman is all too clingy with her man, this slowly chokes the life out of your relationship. The truth may be quite harsh, but no guy wants to feel like they’re always being smothered. He definitely wouldn’t want to have a life with you if you don’t have a life without him. So try backing off a little, and give him the space he needs and deserves. Keep yourself busy when he’s not around by getting a hobby or bonding with your girls.


  1. You overthink almost everything. Worrying and obsessing over every little thing is another thing that sucks the life out of a relationship. Remember that men are generally straightforward so there’s no reason for you to decipher the true meaning behind each message that he sends you. If you’re still not convinced, try talking with your guy. Always keep in mind that open communication is the key to a healthy and happy relationship.
  1. Your expectations are way too high. If you’re one those girls who create lengthy lists of the qualities that their ideal guy must possess, then you should start burning off those lists now. Love isn’t like your favourite romance movies and novels, so stop looking for a guy that has no flaws. Also, don’t get too ahead of yourself especially when you’re still dating around. It’s okay to think about him, but avoid imagining what it feels like to walk down the aisle with him.

While things may be going haywire, there’s no need to give up on your sweet romance just yet. Think of the aforementioned advices and situations to help you fix your problems with ease. After all, your relationship might really be worth saving.reasons-you-need-a-calgary-therapist-to-help-sort-out-your-relationship-issues

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