What Your Mobile Phone Addiction Says About Your Personality  

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There is no doubt that mobile phones are beneficial in the conduct of your everyday life but it can be in the way for most of your relationships. When you are together with family or with friends, you discreetly stash your mobile phones in arm’s length so you can get it right away.


Constant checking of phone has become your habit. You have to know that constant checking of phone can say a lot about you. In fact, there is a research suggesting that one can draw inferences about other people’s personality based on his/her relationship with their phone.

The study was headed by James Roberts of Baylor University. In his study, he gathered and assessed the personality of 346 students through questionnaires. The questions were gauged to determine if the students are addicted to their mobile phones.

Here are some of his findings:

  • The key predictor of addiction: The results revealed that the key predictor of mobile phone addiction is emotional instability. The ceaseless checking of texts, emails, feeds and tweeting are seen as pacifiers for individuals in unstable environment. Mobile phones are seen as a distraction from worries and thereby providing solace –even temporary.


  • Introverts are less likely addicted: The study showed that introverts were less likely inclined to get addicted to their mobile phones.
  • Materialism: Since mobile phones are used in public as status symbols, there is no surprise that addiction to mobile phones mirror materialism.
  • Difficulties in concentration: The research also implied that individuals who are addicted to their mobile phones have difficulties in concentrating.

The researcher does not imply that you need to panic if you are fixated with your mobile phones. The study merely wanted to explore the connections between personality and mobile phone use.
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