What Transpired During the 2013 ZookOut

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The annual ZookOut was a blast. There were about 41,000 party-goers who celebrated at Sentosa on 13 and 14th of December 2013. Already on its 13th year, it seemed that people were not tired of it. Instead of a waning group, the people who partied grew bigger and bigger every year. The event was the largest of the ZookOut parties so far.


ZookOut attracted many people from other regions of Asia. In fact, the event enticed other committed party-goers from North America and Europe. The party was held at Siloso Beach. It gave people chance to party hard from sunset to sunrise the next day. If you missed the party, it is not too late. You need to know what transpired during the party. Here’s an idea:

Fire and Aerial Dancers

It was the first for ZookOut to offer fire and aerial dancers. Party goers felt the vibe and the energy of the dancers. Fortunately, there were no accidents. Party-goers and the performers did their best for the event. The magnificent performances awed the whole audience. It set the party mood for the night.

Top DJs in the World


ZookOut is famous because it is an event where top DJs around the world is featured and presented. ZookOut 2013 presented the best DJs like DJ Afrojack. He performed last Friday night with his famous “Take Over Control” mix. Other DJs include Alesson (from Sweden), Zedd (from Germay) and Jeremy Boon (the resident ZookOut DJ).

Food Stalls and Beverage Stations

The party is not complete without foods and drinks. Music is not enough. The foods and beverage overflowed in the event. To avoid aggression and violence, the management made sure that security was not a problem. Generally, the crowds were behaved during the ZookOut.

Cashless Payments

ZookOut 2013 featured the first cashless payment. The cashless payment worked for many people especially those that did not want to bring many cash. EZ link were set up on the site so that party-goers can easily tap their cards and pay for their beverages. That was convenient. Many people commended this because they did not rush to the ATM to withdraw some money when they run out of cash.

The success of ZookOut 2013 is hard to miss. For sure party-goers are looking forward to the ZookOut 2014. If you really missed the party, you can still join next year. You have to watch out for the date and be posted. When it is time to buy tickets, you should buy right away.



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