Top Risks this Christmas

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Christmas is the jolliest time of the year for Singaporeans . Family and friends convene in the house with foods, laughter and booze. Eliminate the merriment, studies found out that Christmas is one of the most dangerous times of the year. With this, it is important that we know some risks associated with Christmas and how to deal with it.


To speak about dangers this Christmas is horribly wrong but we have to be aware of the dangers lurking so we will not be caught off-guard. Here are some dangers and how to keep safe:

  • Drunk driving: There is no denying that some people drink during the festive season. The most common reason for death is caused by drunk driving and it rises suddenly at Christmas. Drugs during Christmas on the other hand are uncommon here in Singapore but you may have heard one or two cases that involved it. It is therefore important not to drink or take drugs when driving. If drinking is unavoidable, the least thing that you can do is look for a designated driver or a taxi.
  • Home accidents: Accidents can happen even in the house and during Christmas. During the festive season, hospitals see numerous cases of injuries like cuts, falls and burns. The most serious hazard during Christmas is fire caused by handles, cigarettes or overheated lights or appliances. Knowing this, you have to be vigilant for the safety of the family.


  • Food poisoning: Christmas offers tons of food and it is not a surprise to hear a person confined for food poisoning. To prevent this from happening, you have to exercise maximum tolerance when it comes to food safety. Remember that keeping your workstation clean is the best way to eliminate food poisoning bacteria. You should also know how to deal with leftovers so you can still consume it without risking the health of the family.
  • Illnesses: Any time of the year, illnesses arise but Christmas seems to encourage it. Many people get sick during Christmas from headache to flu, constipation and stomach aches. For those who have extreme weather conditions, pneumonia and asthma is common during the winter season.

This article is not meant to scare us in celebrating Christmas. This is meant to stress the precautions that we have to take for Christmas to be uneventful. Many people ignore the chances of these things happening and end up regretting their actions. Your safety and the family should be the priority so do your best to keep them from harm and not cause it.


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