The Advantages and Disadvantages of Electric Cars

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Electric-Car The potentials of electric cars are hard to miss that is why some experts started the first phase for testing electric cars here in Singapore on June 2011 and it will end on December 2013. The initial test included eighty nine electric cars plus sixty one charging stations. LTA (Land Transportation Authority) said that further trials are expected to perfect this modernistic car. The second phase will commence soon.

Government agencies support this project because it can reduce pollution by cutting carbon emissions. There will come a time that electric cars will be readily available here in Singapore. When that happens, you should be prepared. You have to know the advantages and disadvantages of electric cars so by the time they are available, you will know what to do. You can refer to this:


Obviously, you do not need gas when you consider electric cars. That is the biggest advantage. You do not need to pay for gas and that is a big deal for people who are economizing. When you sum it up, you spend thousands of dollars every year for your gas. Charging the car is not free but the fact remains that you save thousands of dollars on your gas bills. Apart from the gas, you will save on oils to lubricate your engine. Electric cars are not that expensive too! If you compare it to a gas-powered car, electric cars are more affordable and reasonably priced.



Not all things are perfect. There are other people who never consider electric cars because of the anxiety it brings. People are often worried about their range when using electric cars. What if they run out of power? What if there are no charging station nearby? Aside from that, drivers need to install charging station on their garage. That would be expensive. You also need to think about the maintenance cost. Replacement of battery packs is expensive. Yes, you do not pay for gas anymore but charging will also cost you.

As a matter of fact, there are a lot of electric powered cars in the market these days. If you do not want to wait for the finalization of electric cars in Singapore, you can consider the Ford Focus Electric or the Nissan Leaf for a start. Electric cars will be good for you if you give it a chance. But if you are not ready to abandon your gas-powered cars, you should consider car pooling to save gas.





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