Questions to Ask Your Cardiologist About Your Heart Health

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Whether you were referred by your primary care physician or consulting about the results of a screening test, bringing a list of questions with you during a consultation with a cardiologist will give you a better understanding of the state of your heart. Doing so also allows you to better understand your diagnosis and treatment options that may be recommended to you. The following is a list the most important heart health questions you should ask during a meeting with a cardiologist in Singapore.

1. Is it okay to take “natural remedies” instead of prescription drugs?
It’s important to ask this question to your Singapore cardiologist in order to know more about the benefits and risks of taking prescribed medicines. Inquiring about this with your heart doctor also allows them to inform you about the potential side effects of using natural products.

2. What does having a coronary heart disease really mean?
Asking this question will help you understand how the condition may affect your overall health. For instance, you might be concerned about the type of tests you may need to go through, such as the angiogram – a test that shows where your arteries are narrowed and how constricted they have become. So ensure that you add this question to your list, especially if you have been diagnosed with the said heart condition.

3. Do I need to monitor my cholesterol level more closely?
Although most people don’t fully understand what high cholesterol does to their body, a good number of men and women in Singapore actually have higher cholesterol levels than they should. This is the very reason why it’s crucial to include this question in your list. Apart from getting a better understanding of cholesterol levels from a respected cardiologist from Singapore, you will also be informed about how it affects your heart health, and why taking statins can be beneficial to you. Your cardiologist will probably even give you some tips on what lifestyle changes you can do to lower your cholesterol level and improve your overall health.

4. How will I be able to lower by blood pressure level?
This is a health issue that worries most people. It may be because they received medication for high blood condition and want to change their lifestyle, but are not quite sure how to start with it. So inquire about this with your Singapore based cardiologist to know if being physically active or cutting back on salt are already enough changes to lower your blood pressure level.

5. Should I be concerned about my heart health as early as now?
Although there is no need to be anxious about your heart health at an early age, you should still get checked in your twenties. Heart disease may begin early, especially if you’ve been on a “college-style diet” (i.e. junk foods and beer/coffee) for too long. Health experts in Singapore even recommend having your first heart check-up at age 20 with a follow-up every five years. Almost any doctor is capable of performing the heart screening, which often consists of a blood sugar, body mass index (BMI) and cholesterol check-up.

6. Am I consuming the right food?
Like most people, you are probably confused about what you should be eating to improve your heart health or lose some weight, and it will definitely help to talk it over with your cardiologist. Your doctor will be able to suggest small dietary changes that will have a huge impact on your heart health. It’d also be a good idea to ask your doctor to give you tips on how you can cut down on saturated fat and choose healthy foods instead. Doing this will help you make healthier and smarter shopping choices.

7. Can switching to a vegan diet prevent heart disease?
While you may see it as a healthy diet, going on a vegan diet won’t always prevent heart disease. Some vegans still eat snacks, such as cookies, chips and dips that can spike their blood sugar and pile up on unhealthy pounds. Health experts explain that people who are on a restricted diet also suffer from nutrition gaps; most vegans, for instance, lack vitamin B12 – a key vitamin for the blood and nerve cells that are found in animal foods.

8. Are heart conditions hereditary?
Heart disease can be inherited, but experiencing cardiac illness is 80 percent preventable for everyone. By learning how to manage your behavioural risk factors, you will be able to keep yourself safe from heart diseases even if you have a family history of the disease. Exercising regularly, consuming healthy foods and cutting down on stress are the best and first steps to preventing hereditary hazards.

9. Is it normal for my heart to skip a beat every now and then?
If you have been experiencing this for quite some time now, then it would be best to include this question on your list. Although it’s normal to experience premature atrial complex (PAC) every day, do visit your cardiologist as soon as possible if it’s accompanied with dizziness or light-headedness.

10. How will I be able to cope with stress?
While there is no evidence that stress causes coronary heart disease, some cardiologist in Singapore believe that the two are associated. But what really matters is how you cope with it. So make sure that you ask this question to your doctor so he will be able to give you some tips and tricks on how you can healthily deal with the day-to-day stress that you’re experiencing.

Asking the right questions to your cardiologist will help you make the most of your clinical visit. So make sure that you prepare your own list of questions beforehand so you won’t miss any of your concerns with regards your heart health.

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