Picking the Right Diamond for Her Finger

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When it comes to engagement rings, most women are very particular to one important element: the shape of the diamond.

Most jewellery shops here in Singapore offer 10 basic shapes of diamonds: round, princess, emerald, heart, oval, marquise, pear, radiant, cushion, and asscher. The real challenge for you is to choose the one that suits your soon-to-be-fiancé’s finger.


If you are still unsure about what diamond shape to purchase, we’re here to help you. The key to choosing the perfect diamond for her is to pick the shape that best flatters her hand. Just like dressing up for your body type, certain diamond cuts look best on certain finger shapes and sizes. So before you start shopping for your proposal ring, take a really close look at your future fiancé’s hand and keep these tips in mind.

Long Fingers

The Classic Cuts – Round and Princess Cut Diamond

Women with long fingers have quite an advantage—a lot of ring styles look great on them! Two of the top favourites we suggest for women with longer fingers are the classic round and princess cuts. These shapes are timelessly elegant and extremely flattering for very feminine looking hands.

Unique Settings with Lots of Details

Since almost any ring style looks flattering on women with longer fingers, they can wear ring styles with lots of details without overwhelming their hand. Longer fingers serve as a better ‘canvas’ for artistic rings with unique shapes and features. Hence, many of such women would love and engagement ring from Ling in Singapore as their designs make fingers look even more elegant. Those designs that can’t be easily pulled off by those with shorter fingers can certainly look stunning on longer fingers.

Short Fingers

Elongated Diamond Cuts

If your girlfriend has shorter fingers, the trick here is to create an illusion of longer fingers and go for settings that help enhance the lined of her hand. By picking elongated diamond cuts like marquise, oval, and pear, her fingers will look longer.

Skinnier Bands

Another way to enhance the vertical appearance of her shorter fingers and prevent them from looking shorter is to have your chosen diamond shape set in a skinnier ring band. This way, it won’t eat up much space on her finger and won’t disrupt the clean long lines of her finger that must be highlighted. An engagement ring with thicker band has the tendency to cut the visual lines and create smaller proportions on her finger, making it appear shorter.

Skinny Fingers

Small Center Stone

You should be thankful if your girl has skinny fingers. Why? Because small diamonds look bigger on her skinny hand! This lets you focus less on carat size and more on the perfect color and cut for her. Smaller diamonds are the perfect stones for her ring as they do not appear overwhelming and won’t occupy too much space on her hand.


Thinner Bands

Along with smaller center stones, a wedding ring with thin, delicate band would look great on her petite fingers. For the same reason, the minimal design does not overwhelm her skinny finger. A ring with thicker band will only look clunky on her hand, something you definitely do not want.

Wide Finger

Thicker Band

If your soon-to-be-betrothed has wider fingers, balance the width by finding a wedding ring with thicker band. That way, there’s something that will fill up the extra space on her finger, which works to slim down the appearance the finger. Also, with a thicker band, you’re adding volume that goes vertically to create an illusion of longer lines.

Split Shank Ring Style

Split shank rings feature a band that splits as it reaches the center. Typically, these rings have a visible gap between the band and on both sides of the center diamond. This ring design creates two different paths that take up more space on her finger, similar effect to a thicker band. The split shank looks much heavier, which works great with wider fingers for a more balanced look.

Large Knuckles

Three-Stone Ring

Women with larger finger knuckles can be a bit tricky to shop a ring for. One trick we suggest is to pick a wedding ring with three center stones in it. The extra stones add volume across her finger that will match up with the width of her knuckles. The ring style creates a more streamlined look that will complement her hand.

Wider Bands

Since we want a ring that will match the wideness of her knuckles, women with this finger shape can stunningly wear rings with wider and heavier bands. This style will draw attention to the ring, away from the manly knuckles. It also adds volume to create a more balanced effect like previously mentioned.

Smaller Hands Vs. Bigger Hands

When shopping for your proposal ring in Singapore, consider the size and look of your girlfriend’s hand. A traditional solitaire diamond set in a simple band may get lost on stubby fingers. Conversely, a complicated pave style wedding ring with side stones may look overwhelming on thinner fingers. Just like anything else, proportion is the key to finding the perfect engagement ring for your future fiancé.

But also, remember that these are just some of the guidelines to help you shop for an engagement ring. If she likes a particular diamond shape or a certain setting or band style, by all means, buy the one that she likes the most. After all, it’s her who will wear the ring, and you’d want something that she would never want to take off for life.


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