Life Lessons We Get From Travelling  

Traveling 8 July 2015 | 0 Comments


If we are not the traveller type, we often wonder why people travel. Travelling is inconvenient and costly. What is it that inspires travellers? If we do not give travelling a chance to reveal its joy, we will forever wonder.


For travellers out there, we travel to satisfy our spirit. Travelling does not only give us the thrill but it also gives us spiritual contentment. Here are some life lessons that we get from travelling:

  • There is no such thing as wrong turn: We might follow the map so we will get to our desired place but when we think about it, even if we take the wrong direction, we will always arrive at a particular place and sometimes, that unexpected place holds so much beauty.


  • All good things must come to an end – even beautiful ones: In Japan, sakura (or cherry blossom sightseeing) is a marvel. Aside from its beauty, we have to realize that cherry blossoms also present a life lesson. The cherry blossom, no matter how beautiful it is, will eventually fall. We have to realize that all good things must come to an end even the blossoming of cherry blossom and accept it because that’s how life is.
  • We will never run out of things to do or explore: There is a world waiting outside Singapore. We have to satisfy our spirit and travel. We will learn at the end there will always be something to do or explore. We will realize that there will be no idle moment so we have to live it.
  • Travelling gives confidence and boldness: When we travel, we will gain confidence and the boldness to explore the world with or without a companion.


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