Life Hacks for Preventing Acne Breakout

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Acne has become a normal part of a teenager’s life but if it exacerbates to breakout, that is the time that you have to check your lifestyle. It has something to do with what you are eating and your skin care treatments. If you want to prevent the breakout, you should act immediately.


Upon the sight of pimples, some Singaporeans are annoyed hence the perennial pricking. Do not wait for this to happen because two things will happen – either you get acne marks or acne scarring. Acne marks will lighten in three to six months but acne scarring will stay there for life unless you consider some treatments like derma fillers.

So before the worst could happen, here are life hacks for preventing acne breakout:

  • Keep thy face clean: It is important to note here that whether you have the acne or not, you need to wash your face every single day. Experts say to wash face at least twice every day. This is to remove the impurities as well as dead skin cells and oil from the surface of the skin. When washing, use a warm water and only mild cleanser.


  • Remember to moisturize: If you are using acne products, some contain ingredients that can dry the skin. With this, you have to use moisturizer. Moisturizer can help in minimizing the dryness of the skin. When looking for a moisturizer, search for “non comedogenic” on the label. These moisturizers are created for dry and oily skin.


  • Use makeup thinly: If there is a breakout, if possible do not put makeup. If it can’t be helped, use makeup thinly or sparingly and do not forget to wash it off. Always consider oil-free cosmetics without chemicals and dyes.


  • Keep hands off the face: Even if you do not have the pimple, keep your hands off the face. Touching the face can spread bacteria. It will also irritate the already inflamed skin.


  • Avoid the sun: The ultraviolet rays from the sun can in fact increase the redness and inflammation of the skin. It can also cause dark discoloration. If it can’t be helped, at least limit your exposure in the sun and wear appropriate clothing. Do not forget to apply sunscreen. The sunscreen should at least have SPF 30 or higher and then apply it before your sun exposure.


  • Feed the skin right: Remember that whatever you eat will reflect on your skin. If you eat healthy, your skin will surely appear good. Eat foods like chocolate, fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains.

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