Is Your Drinking Water Really Safe?

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Know the risks of drinking unfiltered or under-processed drinking water

This is an article that talks about why alkaline water is safer compared to tap. It also talks about the importance of being sure that the water you use for drinking and cooking is clean and healthy. This article also discusses some diseases a person may acquire from water that is unclean.

How sure are you that the water you use for drinking and cooking purposes is completely safe to drink and use? Some studies show that the water we get from our tap, which even after being treated in processing plants, may still contain elements that are harmful to us. Some illnesses we may acquire if we use water from poor sources include the following:
• Leptospirosis. This is a rare yet serious bacterial infection a person may get from drinking dirty water. It is caused by the bacteria, Leptospira, which can originate from fresh water contaminated by animal urine. This problem can be fixed by drinking alkaline water in Singapore. This infection is characterized by symptoms including dry cough, headache, muscle pain, vomiting and diarrhea. A person may also experience fever accompanied by chills.
• Cholera. This deadly, bacterial disease can originate from contaminated food and water where sanitation is poor. A patient inflicted with this disease suffers from diarrhea and extreme vomiting. These may lead to severe dehydration that is potentially fatal. In the past, cholera has been the leading cause of death among people worldwide that could have been prevented by drinking ionized alkaline water.
• Diarrhea. A person can have this virus-related disease if he drinks contaminated water, and it can also happen in Singapore. According to the World Health Organization or WHO, around 3.5 million deaths in a year are linked to this disease. By drinking pure and clean alkaline water filter from Singapore, it can be easily avoided. Approximately 80% of those are children under 5 years. Some symptoms of this disease include abdominal pain, watery and bloody stools, and vomiting.
• Typhoid Fever. This is a bacterial infection and is one common water-related disease. A person who accidentally drinks unclean water contaminated by the bacteria Salmonella typhi, suffer from fever, loss of appetite, and intestinal irritation. A person with Typhoid Fever whether in Singapore or around the world also develops red spots on the chest and abdomen areas.
• Amoebic Dysentery. A person who has this water-related disease experiences discomfort that is similar to diarrhea. This disease is transmitted through dirty food and water but not through clean alkaline water. If you are infected with this disease, your stool will contain the harmful amoeba. When you don’t sanitize your hands thoroughly, you may contaminate anything you touch especially food or water, and other persons may be infected as well.
Experts advise that a good way to avoid these illnesses is to drink safe water, such as alkaline water. You must keep away from drinking water anywhere unless you are sure that the water supply or source is safe. Generally, health consultants regard tap water as risky for the body. Several microbial, organic, inorganic and radioactive contaminants may be present in it, depending on its source.

These contaminants are too tiny for our bare eyes to see. Yet no matter how small these contaminants are, they can overpower and weaken the cells in the body causing us to get sick. Alkaline water ionizers and machine guarantee us that the water we drink is free from those powerful contaminants that weaken the body.
Doctors and other health consultants classify that alkaline water is safe for human consumption because it is free from harmful contaminants, rich in alkaline ionized minerals, abundant in antioxidants with negative oxidation reduction potential (ORP). Health experts strongly emphasize the importance of being sure that your water is safe because several water-related diseases may be transmitted through unclean water.

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