Improving Your Voice Quality

Self-Improvement 12 October 2014 | 0 Comments

Singaporeans or not, everybody just loves to sing. Some can sing good while there are others that sing terribly. No matter what, the important thing is there’s the desire to learn. Not all people are gifted with a singing voice but the good thing about this is you can learn how to sing well – if you are serious about it.


So, instead of sulking over your singing voice and blaming your parents for not having the talent, you can either take lessons or learn it by yourself. Looking for professional voice teachers here in Singapore is easy but if you are thinking about the price, it is better to learn it by yourself.

Here are some tips that you can consider to improve your voice quality:

  • Learn how to attain rich and full tone: How can you achieve a rich and full tone? You can do this by opening your mouth wide. Be reminded that the muscles surrounding your mouth and jaw should be loose.


  • Learn how to articulate well: You should also know how to articulate well. Treat singing like reading. You need to make sure that everybody understands the words that you want to say.
  • Chest held high: When you sing, assume the proper posture. Your chest should be held high to ensure that your airways are unobstructed. d
  • Know the importance of breathing: You should remember that the more air you take, the better it is for your singing. Never forget about taking deep breaths.
  • Warm up: Many people overlook this. There are others that sing immediately without warming their vocal cords. You need to warm up your vocal cords.

If you are really serious about making this your career, you should look for voice teachers.


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