How to Keep Calm in Stressful Situations

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It is said that with power comes responsibility. If you undertake a big role, you have to step up and do your best since many people are counting on you. Life will throw many things at you and sometimes it will test your spirit. When serious problems arise at work, the first instinct is to panic. That is normal but panic, anxiety and stress can lead to a complete meltdown.


If you suffer a meltdown, you have to get back on your feet right away because if your response is too long, it can have a long and lasting damage to your health as well as your productivity. Pressure is a natural part of life. Many achievers like athletes, entrepreneurs and artists reached success face pressure but they have learned to stay calm.

As these people are summoned, no matter the situation, they somehow maintain a mental readiness of what is to come. This is because they mastered the art of calming when they find their selves in a stressful situation. When you are mentally ready, you will be poised for success. Here are some tips on calming when you find yourself in a stressful situation.

  1. Do not hurry. When things are happening too fast, you tend to hurry too. Sometimes it is helpful if you slow down and do not react immediately. You have to practice patience. While doing it, make sure to collect relevant information so you have an idea of what is happening.


  1. Stay positive. Sometimes, it is easier to think negatively when faced by a stressful situation. This will not help you. You have to maintain that positive outlook regardless of the situation. You have to keep in mind that you can solve it.


  1. Do not think of “what ifs”. Asking what if is the worse question that you will ask when faced with a particular crisis. The truth is that “what ifs” can multiply the fear thereby escalating the problem.


  1. Minimize caffeine intake. When you are faced with something serious, you tend to curl or run to the break room and make a cup of coffee. You think that caffeine can help you think but it is not the case. Caffeine can actually trigger adrenaline at a time and then followed by fatigue and irritability. Instead of drinking coffee, why not choose water instead? It is good for hydrating your body.


  1. Disconnect. You have to disconnect from that situation if only for a few hours. This is so you can think of better things to do. Again, do not rush. Give yourself time to cope and think of better solutions.


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