How to Jumpstart Your Dream Job

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The initial investments you need to do to get started on your new job doesn’t cost very high. There are a number of doable ways to step foot in the doors of your passion.


This is pretty simple and very basic but this can back up your overall plan. Give yourself a complete understanding of the nature of the job, its required skills, pros and cons, current opportunities etc., When you get all the biggest and even the tiniest details, this is where you start to tailor your next move.

Get Some Technical Job Requirements

Most, if not all companies communicate their preferred set of skills in a job advert, but it is not always a strict “No” if one or two qualifications don’t match yours. In case the position requires a strict educational or practical experience, you can choose which one you are willing to focus on. If you plan to boost your education, short and practical courses may be of help. Tons of online courses are now offered too which cost lesser than the actual tuition fee rates in a traditional school setting.

While you are working on it, you may also indicate it in your resume to show your potential employers that you are serious about learning and assuming the job. On the other side, if you wish to gain skills, look up some intern opportunity programs like InternSG and S360interns that connect you to corporate entities through internship placements. There are also companies that accept starters for a similar type of job in which you shouldn’t have a hard time getting. What matters along with it, is you’re ready to take on to start from scratch.

Create a Network

These days, creating your network isn’t as hard as it may seem. There are social media platforms you can utilize to jumpstart your connections. Join LinkedIn or other sites and join organizations of like-minded professionals of your desired field. Attending their group events, forums or even just virtual meetings can make a difference. Make friends and ask them information that can help you along the way. When you are able to establish a good connection with them, who knows, they can refer you to awesome opportunities!

Have the Right Mindset

It’s always hard in the beginning—that’s the golden rule. All these practical tips aren’t going to work if you don’t have the proper attitude and thinking. There are no promises that the journey of doing something you like will be a breeze, you will surely struggle and fail, but your passion should be greater than the little voice inside you telling you to quit. Talking to friends and loved ones as source of motivation won’t hurt. Find your drive when you feel backing out and put yourself out there again.

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