Housebreaking Preventive Measures

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Have you heard about two sisters getting into jail for stealing and housebreaking? The Pasupathy sisters were assistant coach to St. Andrew’s cricket team. The sisters were sentenced to imprisonment (of not more than fifteen months) and asked to do  community service (of not less than one hundred fifty hours) with bond (of not less than five thousand dollars). The accomplice, who was the head coach at that time confessed to his involvement. He was reprimanded too.

Einbrecher an einem Fenster

Housebreaking and stealing is prevalent in all parts of the world. Despite the tightening of the penalties, there are still people who choose to break the law. Before they commit a crime, they should carefully consider the punishments they need to endure in the near future. You cannot foresee a housebreaking however you can consider preventive measures so thieves will be discouraged. You can implement the following measures:

Lock the doors and windows

The basic thing that you can do is to lock the doors and windows when you are out or when you go to sleep. Even if you will be gone for a short while, you need to lock everything.

Do not hide keys in obvious places

If you always lock your keys inside, naturally you will put a spare outside. It is okay to put spare keys outside just remember not to hide it in obvious places like under the doormat, flowerpot, etc. You have to seek inconspicuous areas for your keys.


Leave a light

If you will sleep at night, be sure to leave a light. This will give an impression that there are occupants at home. If you go out for the night, you should never forget to leave a light.

Install alarm system

Modern houses install alarm system. The system will notify the occupants if there is an intruder. When you go to sleep, do not forget to turn it on. When you go out, always remember to turn it on. Actually, it would be easy if you make it a daily habit.

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