Health Screening Tests for Women

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Women in Singapore are more health conscious than men. That’s why most of them take advantage of corporate health screenings offered by their employers. But what should be included in women’s health screening packages? What health screening tests should every woman undergo?

Before everything else, keep in mind that health screening processes does not cure diseases, but it can detect potential illnesses and give you greater chances of overcoming it.


1. Cervical Cancer Screening
This disease starts as a small cell abnormality in the cervix. If not treated immediately, this small cell abnormality will attack the normal cells and surrounding tissues in the cervix, and will eventually spread throughout the body. The screening test for this should start by the age of 21. Recently, FDA has ratified a vaccine for cervical cancer prevention called Gardasil. This vaccine is for females between ages of 13 and 28. The vaccine gives immunity to HPV, the virus that causes cervical cancer.

2. Breast Cancer Screening
According to National University of Singapore, breast cancer death rate in the country is fast increasing. That’s why breast cancer screening should be part of health screening packages for women. The causes of this disease haven’t yet understood completely by the health screening packages Singapore specialists, but it is believed that hormonal or genetic factors are the primary contributors for someone to acquire this ailment. If detected early, lesser chances for the cancer cells to spread to other organs like brain and lungs.

3. Skin Cancer Screening
Although women are conscious with over exposure to sun, they still have to undergo this type of health screening. Recent studies show that skin cancer occurrence rate gradually increases, especially in humid countries like Singapore. This is because of excessive heat of the sun that causes the most dangerous kind of skin cancer, the Melanoma. This disease is a skin abnormality that affects the production of skin pigment. Regular health screening for the skin can be very helpful in detecting and treating this kind of skin malignancy.


4. Cholesterol Level Screening
Cholesterol is a lipid which is produced by the liver. But high level of cholesterol is certainly not good for the body. It can cause heart diseases, diabetes, and stroke. Every woman should regularly check their cholesterol level at least once every 4 years. But for women with family history of heart ailments, it is always advised to have your cholesterol health screening every 2 to 3 years.

5. HIV Screening Test
Once the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) enters the human body, it immediately destroys the blood cells that are very vital for the body to fight diseases. Some people with this illness may appear healthy for the first couple of years, but will eventually deteriorate as the virus eats up the remaining good cells of the body. Early detection will help you change your lifestyle that may affect others and further affect your health.

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