Exercises for a Better and Flatter Abs

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Beauty is God given. The choice of enhancing natural beauty will come to the person. If in this case you are conscious about your body (specifically your abs), you should do your best to attain your ideals. The road to a better and flatter abs is a long and winding one but rest assured that you can endure it if you set your heart to it.


If you are eyeing to strengthen your core, you should consider the following exercises:


  • Rotation reach crunches: This exercise will not only target the abdominals but also the obliques. This exercise is like hitting two birds at one stone.
  • Russian twist: The Russian twist is a challenging exercise because it concentrates on rotating the obliques. You can raise your feet off the ground to make it more effective.
  • Toe touch crunches: If you want an exercise that both targets your lower and upper abs, toe touch crunches is better. When you are making crunches, do not let your abdominals relax especially when your shoulders are near the ground.
  • Pilates leg pulls: If you want to strengthen your hamstrings, lower back and the buttock muscle, you need to execute the Pilates leg pulls. In Pilates leg pulls, you can do it facing down or up. Either way, it’ll be good for your muscles.
  • Knee tuck crunches: Knee tuck crunches target the lower and the upper abs. The good thing about this exercise is its effectiveness in employing the lower and upper abs at the same time.

Apart from the exercises mentioned above, remember that the food you eat and your eating habits can play an important part in your quest for a better and flatter abs. Do not rush this because it will strain your muscles. Take it slowly and more importantly, enjoy the process!


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